Children and the NRM

No consent is required from the child for a referral to the National Referral Mechanism. This position was explained to UKBA to ECPAT UK by email of 2009 in the following terms:

‘consent from the child for the referral may be obtained but not necessarily. In the same way as any child protection referral the referral will be made with or without the consent from the child’

It is important to remember that in relation to the definition of trafficking, any child who is moved into a situation of exploitation or is used for the purposes of exploitation is considered to be a child victim of trafficking whether or not they have been forced or deceived. This is because it is not considered possible for a child to give consent.

There is also no requirement for the child to be interviewed for identification purposes under the Convention.

It is important to remember that children can also get leave to remain (a residence permit) if conclusively found to be a victim of trafficking. This residence permit will give the child new rights.

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