Some useful websites for more information and advice, to help find a lawyer and to access asylum and health support.

Information and advice

The Aire Centre
Organisation specialising in European law, which promotes awareness and offers legal advice. The AIRE Centre works particularly with EU migrants and their families.

Anti Slavery International
Works at local, national and international levels to eliminate all forms of slavery around the world. They offer frontline services and work with local projects to assist victims.

A network of solicitors, barristers and specialist practitioners who advise, represent and support victims of trafficking and other vulnerable people.

Coram Children’s Legal Centre

The UK’s oldest children’s charity with expertise in all areas of children’s rights, immigration, child protection, education and juvenile justice. They provide legal advice and representation, conduct research, do training, policy work and strategic litigation.

A leading children’s rights organisation campaigning against child trafficking and exploitation in the UK and on its international aspects. Their work includes campaigning, training, capacity building and policy development & legal reform

The Gangmasters’ Licensing Authority
Ensures that businesses working in agriculture, horticulture, fish processing, gathering shellfish, dairy farming and the packaging or processing of any fresh produce treat workers to a fair standard. Concerns can be reported to them. They are a First Responder for the NRM.

Hackney Migrant Centre
Free advice for asylum seekers, refugees and recent migrants offered. The centre provides a weekly drop-in for advice and social activities, free immigration and welfare advice, medical advice and help in accessing NHS health services and a meal.

The Human Trafficking Foundation
The Foundation has as its primary aim communicating to policy makers and lead statutory agencies a greater understanding of the rapidly changing realities of human trafficking, as witnessed by those working on the ground. Their work is mainly shaping policy and raising awareness.

Justice for Domestic Workers
A self help group run by and for migrant domestic workers campaigning for their rights.

Advice, information and training for Filipinos living in the UK.

Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX)
Works to end human trafficking for labour exploitation. To achieve this, FLEX works to prevent labour abuses, protect the rights of trafficked persons and promote best practice responses to human trafficking for labour exploitation by undertaking research, advocacy and by building awareness in this field.

Modern Slavery
A website that explains what modern slavery is, how to identify it and how to report it as well as giving a list of other useful resources.

National Crime Agency
This website is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for those whose work brings them into contact either directly or indirectly with the response to human trafficking and includes a best practice guideline and points the reader towards relevant legislation. The UKHTC’s team of expert Tactical Advisors provides 24/7, UK wide, real-time support in all human trafficking matters including to first responders.

Stop the Traffik
An organisation that aims to build more resilient communities to prevent human trafficking which they do through ‘community transformation’, global campaigning and gathering and sharing knowledge.

First responders

43 police forces of England and Wales

British Transport Police

Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)

Police Scotland

Border Force

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

National Crime Agency (NCA)

Home Office UK Visas and Immigration Directorate (UKVI)

Home Office Immigration Compliance and Enforcement (HO ICE)

Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA)

Local Authorities

NHS (England, Scotland and Wales) and local health boards

Health and Social Care Trusts (Northern Ireland)

Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance (TARA)

Migrant Help


Medaille Trust

Salvation Army


National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)

Unseen UK

New Pathways


Refugee Council

The Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association
A registered charity which exists to promote and improve advice and representation in immigration, asylum and nationality law. They cannot provide advice themselves, but have a list of practitioners who may be able to at ILPA works with its members to ensure they are able to do the best for their clients and provides training.

A government website about legal aid:

The Law Society’s “Find a Solicitor” tool:

Asylum support

Migrant Help
Provides services for migrants including a gateway to assistance in asylum support applications. They are a First Responder for the NRM.

Asylum Support Appeals Project
Supports people faced with asylum support appeals with legal representation, advice and information. Has a second tier advice line service for those working with asylum support applicants.

Organisations working directly to support victims

Works to protect African children and projects include victim and family support.

Ashiana Sheffield
Works with trafficked women in Sheffield providing accommodation and support.

Charity working to support vulnerable children. They are a First Responder for the NRM.

Provides accommodation to individuals from black and ethnic minority backgrounds who have suffered abuse and are living in Wales. They are a First Responder for the NRM.

Belfast Women’s Aid
Provides confidential support, information & emergency accommodation for women and children affected by domestic violence in Belfast.

Bournemouth Churches Housing Association
Provides housing, learning and support for socially excluded people.

The Children’s Society
Charity that runs specialist services for refugee and migrant children including those who have been victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

City Hearts
Nationwide provision of accommodation and support for victims of trafficking.

Provides housing and support to victims of trafficking.

Hope for Justice
Provides training, rescue, restoration and advocacy for victims of trafficking.

Works with migrant domestic workers to help them improve and access their rights. They provide advice and advocacy. They are also a First Responder for the NRM.

The Medaille Trust
Charity founded to help women, men and children who have been trafficked, and provides support and accommodation. They are a First Responder for the NRM.

Charity working to end child abuse in the UK. They are a First Responder for the NRM.

Palm Cove Society
Organisation based in Leeds providing support and accommodation to victims of trafficking.

Praxis works with vulnerable migrants. It operates a walk in advice service and operates projects which seek to address the fundamental human rights of new migrants including a project for trafficked women that helps create social networks and help women and their children recover from past trauma.

The Refugee Council
Works directly with refugees and asylum seekers and supporting them to rebuild their lives. They are a First Responder for the NRM.

The Salvation Army
Operates a contract from the government to provide accommodation and support to victims of trafficking which is administered through different subcontractors. They are also a first responder to refer victims of trafficking into the NRM.

Snowdrop Project
Provides long-term, follow-on community support for survivors of trafficking in Sheffield.

The Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance works in Scotland to support trafficking survivors, to help identify and support women who may have been trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. They are a First Responder for the NRM.

Unseen work directly with survivors of modern day trafficking and slavery. They do this through a number of projects, including a victim’s refuge in the South West, a resettlement, integration and outreach project and working with frontline staff. They are a First Responder for the NRM.

Health & treatment

Therapeutic centre working with children and young survivors of torture and political violence.

Traumatic Stress Clinic
Provides psychological treatment for people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Doctors of the World
Runs a clinic and advocacy programme that provides medical care, information and practical support to vulnerable people, helping them access the healthcare they need. They have clinics in Bethnal Green, London and run pilot programmes in Hackney and Brighton.

Freedom from Torture (formerly the Medical Foundation)
Provides treatment and rehabilitation of survivors of torture.

The Helen Bamber Foundation
Provides therapeutic care, medical consultation, legal protection and practical support to survivors of human rights violations.

New Pathways
Provides a range of specialist counselling and advocacy services for women, men, children and young people who have been affected by rape or sexual abuse. They are a First Responder for the NRM.

Room to Heal
Room to Heal is a healing community for refugees and asylum seekers who have survived torture and other forms of organised violence. Provides a range of activities including: support groups, gardening and food-growing, individual therapy and casework, theatre and storytelling, cooking and social gatherings, and rural community-building retreats.

Provides free counselling, psychotherapy and advocacy in the Yorkshire and Humber region to the survivors of persecution and exile.

Women and Girls Network
Provides a free, women-only service in London to women and girls who have experienced, or are at risk of, gendered violence. Services include advice, advocacy and one to one counselling with female therapist.

If your client is detained and needs to find out about bail

Bail for Immigration Detainees
A charity working to challenge immigration detention in the UK.

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