Who we are

ATHUB was created by ATLEU, an award winning legal charity that specialises in representing victims of trafficking and modern slavery. We deliver a dedicated and comprehensive service for victims to help them find legal solutions to their complex problems. This includes:

  • Advising victims on their immigration status and assisting them to apply for asylum or other forms of lawful residence
  • Securing appropriate and safe accommodation, financial support and treatment from local authorities, the Home Office or other statutory bodies
  • Obtaining compensation from their traffickers or the state.

We work with victims to help them bring their traffickers to justice and we hold the government to account to make sure that they meet their duty to protect all victims in the UK.

By pushing to extend the legal protections for victims; by challenging government policy; and by sharing our knowledge with other professionals in the field, we are  committed to improving the lives of all victims of trafficking and modern slavery.

We have also introduced a free, online referrals system for if you need to make or receive referrals for survivors of trafficking and/or slavery. The referrals system and ATHUB are funded by a grant from the Legal Education Foundation.

To find out more about our work visit atleu.org.uk


If you have any comments or suggestions about the information on this site, please email athub@atleu.org.uk

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